Grow Your Mind Assembly (K-5)

Grow Your Mind1.png

Grow Your Mind Assembly (K-6)

  • Help your students close the achievement gap

  • Protect students from stereotypes

  • Get your students EXCITED and MORE CONFIDENT about learning

  • Propel your students to put in more effort

  • Teach resiliency

In this highly interactive assembly, students will laugh, sing, and use their bodies to learn brain science.


Participants will discover the power of "NOT YET" and add these tools to their education toolbox:

  • New tactic or strategy

  • Out of your comfort zone 

  • Try again

  • Yay! Celebrate failure as a step to success

  • Eliminate distractions

  • Tutor or teacher 

“The harder you struggle, the smarter you’ll be over time”

CCSR Review: Farrington, Roderick,

et. al, 2012.

“The best ways to improve students’ perseverance and strengthen their academic behaviors is through academic mindsets and learning strategies. This is the central point emerging from our review.”

  • We can positively change student mindsets in a real world setting, which impacts real performance in academics and more broadly.

  • Mindset interventions reduce the achievement gap. (REL 2012)

  • Focusing on study skills without the mindset component is ineffective.

  • Embedding mindset cultivation in a school-wide context and as a part of school culture is most supportive to learners.

Carol Dweck, 2007

Process praise keeps students focused, not on something called ability that they may or may not have and that magically creates success or failure, but on processes they can all engage in to learn. 

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